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Unie van Ethiopische Evangelische Kerken in Nederland


Hebrews 13:8

Jezus Christus blijft dezelfde, gisteren, vandaag en tot eeuwigheid.

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Aim of EECUN


The Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Union in The Netherlands (EEUCN) is an alliance of churches and fellowships whose most of their members are originally from Ethiopia and Eritrea, who are functioning in The Netherland without a particular denomination.

The aim of the association:

Its aim is:

  • To seek and to strengthen the felloship we have in Christ among each other and among individuals in each member church, and to seek this together with other churches in this country and to widen this on the European and international level.
  • To strengthen and encourage each other and seeking;areas and possibilities to work together for the kingdom of God, which is bringing  the gospel to the lost and to edify the body of Christ.
  • To be involved for the advancement of the kingdom of God internationally and; particularly in our home land by working together with other churches by co-ordinating, supporting, and assisting them in their work.
  • To be involved in the relief of poverty and advancement of education and any other purpose which are charitable according to the bible teachings?
  • To seek and work together for a better position and integration of our individual members in;The Netherlands.
  • To affirm,support and service local relationship with other local and national churches in The Netherlands, whether it be formal or informal, structured or unstructured.
  • To promote theological reflection necessary to support our faith in Christ and to enable continuing discussion of faith and order issues, especially of the nature, purpose, and unity of the church in the light of its mission.
  • To organize together worship and prayer meetings, learning and training sessions, evangelization and conferences.
  • To enable the churches, as they grow together in unity, to seek a common mind and to share decision-making in common.
  • To enable the churches to respond to the needs of individuals at all levels, to explore church and society issues and, when appropriate, to make approaches to secular authorities independently or with others.
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